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Wheel/tire sizes - sassparilla_kid - 11-07-2014

Yo so I'm thinking about heading to King of the Hammers in February with Captain America and I think I'm gonna need some different tires. That said, I just want some plain steelies (to put the new tires on so I can switch wheels/tires) since they're cheap but I need them in 15" so they fit over my big brakes, and I dunno what offset/backspace I need for like 15x6 (I think that's Edgar size the 15"benz wheels are?). Every place I look just lists backspace and I can't remember off the top of my head what the offset is for the 15" wheels that fit the w123/126 and how offset/backspace relate, so I figured it was time to consult the gurus


RE: Wheel/tire sizes - Simpler=Better - 11-08-2014

I used to run mustang wheels no problemo-so any ferd or yota wheel should be fine. The pattern is off by a few mm, IIRC, but everything goes together fine if you take your time and recheck torques.

Should be easy to find 15" ferd wheels and some hillybilly mud rubber