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Formula off road in Tennessee - baldur - 09-05-2016

This weekend us icelanders packed 16 cars into shipping containers and are shipping them all to Nashville, USA for an event held at the end of this month, the weekend of september 30th till october 2nd.
The cars in question are formula off road buggies, and I have myself done engine tuning work on most of them (all but three or so). Some of them are even running my ECUs.
None of the cars are diesel powered, mostly powered by C16 and nitrous oxide. The car I have had the most involvement in runs E85, nitrous oxide and a 66mm turbocharger on a 2.0L Honda engine making some 600 horsepower on low boost and off the nitrous (nitrous is only used for spooling the turbo, ECU shuts it off before the engine hits peak power).
More information about the event: