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W202 suspension
JarrusJenkins Offline

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Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Walsall, West Midlands
W202 suspension
Hello to all,
I've finally got myself a car worthy of this forum and I was hoping you could all point me in the right direction,
I've got a 1997 W202 C250TD (estate/wagon)
Was looking at suspension and brake upgrades, What are my options?
My car is a daily driver and I do like to go for a spirited drive in it now and again so not after silly stiff or silly low ideally standard sport height seems to work for me just right since I live where the local council loves speed humps.
As for brakes, I have some 17" wheels from a newer C Class on there which means I have room to grow.
Any advise would be appreciated 
05-14-2020, 12:51 PM
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JoeB Offline
TA 0301

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Location: Australia
RE: W202 suspension
The best way to ascertain what you may need is to consult the MB EPC and look for the relevant information pertaining to the w202 C36 AMG.
That will give you a comprehensive parts list and you can go shopping.
09-16-2020, 08:32 PM
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benzoschaua Offline

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Location: Bavaria
RE: W202 suspension
I used the front 4 pot brakes of a w220 s class. Only thing you need is a spacer to fit the brakes.
01-31-2021, 03:02 AM
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Simon B Offline

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Location: uk
RE: W202 suspension
Depends what you want to spend on it, but a set Bilstein B8 shocks with some decent springs is hard to beat.
03-29-2021, 06:00 PM
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