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Daihatsu DL 2.8L
NZScott Offline
HX30W 73/44mm

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Daihatsu DL 2.8L
Anyone have experience with these? Sweet F all about them on the net aside from people thinking they're a 2L engine (because 2.8L and Japanese = 2L?). Never were a North American thing but definitely everywhere else.
My mum's partner has one (DL62, in a 1994 F78 Rugger) blew up towing me in the HJ45...
Anywho, about to tear it down further (his garage took the head off, found blown head gasket and a seized lifter).

Picked up two used and most likely seized engines from a scrap pile today.

Going to tear down all 3 engines and try to make at least one, maybe two runners.
Now I have spare injection pumps, might look at a 4BT rotor head, and fitting my spare HE200WG and see what happens?

1978 300D, 373,000km
OM617.912 with a Holset HX30W, 7.5mm IP, 711.113 5 speed (awaiting certification to be legal...)

1977 250 270,000km (parts car)
1977 300D (ex 280) 500,000km 'new' DD

11-19-2020, 05:46 AM
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