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Will these fit okay? - garage - 06-16-2013

I just bought a 1987 300D w124 chassis, and it has ugly 15inch chrome rims, that I am not a fan of.

I would like to put something more sporty, and larger.

Does anyone know if these will be okay? Fitment? Rubbing etc??

Any help I would appreciate!!

RE: Will these fit okay? - raysorenson - 06-16-2013

Nope. Those are huge.

RE: Will these fit okay? - maKe- - 06-17-2013

Find out what the offset of those wheels are. I would guess by judging the tire size 25-30 front and 22-25 rear.
Should fit with a bit smaller tires and some fender rolling. I have 18 x 9.5" ET25 front and 18 x 10.5" ET17 on my W210. Front sits nicely flush and rear is 1" over fender without rolling. 225/40 and 255/35. Had 245/40 and 275/35 originally but could not lower the car with those tires.

Installing tomorrow Bilstein B12 suspension with #1 spring pads. We'll see how much rolling is required to get enough clearance.

RE: Will these fit okay? - SurfRodder - 06-17-2013

just for future reference when the link is dead, here's a pic from the ad:

These look very similar to the ones I am going to use on my w124 (mine are 17" and not AMG). The bolt pattern is the same, but on the ones I have, they are intended for a 14mm bolt pattern, same BCD.

So to use them on my w124 ('87 300D), I bought some conversion lug bolts that are 12x1.5 (or whatever the stock thread pitch is, maybe 1.0), but have a 14mm ball seat on the bolt head. Ill post a link to the bolts later, but they were aroud $50 plus shipping from the L.A. area...

Find out what chassis they were intended for, mine came from a 210, IIRC