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W123 Wheels - Pomidori - 08-15-2014

Hi everyone, I have been looking around for a new set of wheels for my W123. I'm rocking 14" steelies at the moment but as far as aftermarket wheels go, the 5x112 sizes on ebay almost always have a big offset. I notice that people are able to fit all sorts of different wheels on their cars, so maybe there's something I am missing when it comes to fitment.


RE: W123 Wheels - Simpler=Better - 08-15-2014

Ford Mustang V6 15" alloys were really light and fit my w123 well. I just ran them with slightly longer lug bolts, some people reccomend using wobble bolts. YMMV just a suggestion.

RE: W123 Wheels - Pomidori - 08-15-2014

I had no idea mustang wheels would fit. I might be able to pick up a set for cheap since they're more common.

RE: W123 Wheels - MFSuper90 - 08-18-2014

Besides mustang wheels being ugly... haha
I searched for a long time to find a set of rims I could actually afford and that I liked.

RE: W123 Wheels - sassparilla_kid - 08-19-2014

Try summit racing, they have all sorts of wheels

RE: W123 Wheels - Simpler=Better - 08-19-2014

My pics are down, but the 2003? v6 wheels look good. Paint the merc star over the mustang and you're golden.

[Image: 102823d1277522146-need-help-finding-oem-...to0100.jpg]

RE: W123 Wheels - Purplecomputer - 08-19-2014

BBS RS's son

WERD!!!! - mbz123 - 09-16-2014

(08-19-2014, 09:02 AM)Purplecomputer BBS RS's son

I don't always roll deep with the shiny shoes, but when I do, I prefer BBS. Stay OE my friends.


PS And for the love of our affliction, just say NO to chinese garbage. Your country depends on you!

RE: W123 Wheels - wolverine - 10-24-2014

X3 BBS RS's OR AMG Pentas (dished ones, not flat)

When properly done with centering rings, wobble bolts would work fine on 5x4.5" wheels on our MB's. I was gonna buy a set of BBS RS's from (they always have plenty of 16" ones) But happened to find a guy on CL with 5x112 RS's so I snatched those up instead.

I relipped them with 3.5" lips in the front. Yes they fit with a little fender rolling and the right stretched tire. LOL

Theres also never a shortage of wheels for sale on Youll have to scroll through pages and pages though.

RE: W123 Wheels - MTUPower - 10-25-2014

Here's how to add "ET" to the w123 so it can fit larger et wheels.