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W202 fuel supply issues - Petar - 06-26-2015

So i've got this C250 Turbodiesel that wont draw fuel from the tank. Like the tank strainer is blocked. Expext i can't find the bloody thing. The EPC says that there is one in the rear right of the tank. So i've removed the right rear wheel and found the supply hose. Confirmed that this is the supply hose by blowing air into it and it comes out right at the engine bay. But there is nothing that looks like a threaded strainer just a large plastic cover that doesn't seem to be supposed to be removed. Blowing air into the hole is really hard and i can hear the fuel bubling inside when i do.
This got me stumped ???!!!!
And no this isn't the infamous o ring issue in the engine bay. This one has an om602 mechanical pump swapped and old style banjo bolt lines.