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OM605 D25 (605.911) performance - ryguy993 - 02-09-2024

Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a 1995 E250D wagon with a manual gearbox. Since the car is naturally aspirated I have read that turbocharging this engine might not be the best as the internals aren't meant to handle the boost pressure. Are there any options to get better performance from this engine. Currently it is stock with 113hp and I am looking to get between 150-200hp if I can without doing an engine swap. Would adding a larger injection pump and other parts give better acceleration?

The plan is to potentially do an OM606.962 swap eventually but that could be a couple years away based on the budget.

Thanks in advance....


RE: OM605 D25 (605.911) performance - Niko - 02-11-2024
I think he said something around 300 bhp . The stock box would be fine with max 250 . Good thing about your goal is it's easily achievable with even a 6mm pump .
Check out Freds channel . There's some good information regarding turbos for your goal as well .

RE: OM605 D25 (605.911) performance - ryguy993 - 02-11-2024

Thanks! appreciate the recommendations.